Presenting: EXPENDABLE.


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P.S. Here’s an interview with me about the film as well!

A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. Motivational Video

A henchman-motivational video from John Cannon, A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. Chief Sadist and head of human resources.

Recruiting Commercial

Employee Testimonial: Tyshawn Green, Cannon Fodder

Part 3 of the “A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. Voices” series.

Henchmen Training Video

Employee Testimonial: Mike Peterson, Defense Specialist

Part 2 of the “A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. Voices” series.

Employee Testimonial: Ted Ignacio, Journeyman Guard

Part 1 of the “A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. Voices” series.